About Us

We are a Grassroots organization whose members have been working for 20 years to get America and the World to know the true history about the arrival of the first Africans to land in Colonial America at Point Comfort,  today's Fort Monroe in Hampton, Virginia, in August 1619.   

National Advisory Board Members 

Venita Benitez, Founder, National Freedom Day, Dallas, Texas                                            Prof. Robert Watson, Professor, Hampton University
Kathryn Knight, Book Author, Historian, Genealogist, Florida                                              Mr. Andrew Williams, Jr., President, Five Point Foundation Inc., Los Angeles, California     


Affiliated Organizations

Weyanoke Red Black
National Juneteenth Observance Foundation
Hampton Contraband Historical Society                                                                               The City of Hampton                                                                                                         ASALH                                                                                                                                 National Freedom Day                                                                                    Kinfolkdetective.com

If you would like to join Project 1619 and help us promote Hampton's African American history, send a request to 


Board Members

Calvin Pearson, President                                                                                                       Audrey Williams, Secretary                                                                                                    Dr. William Wiggins, History and Educational Director                                                            Hugh Harrell III
Gary Kelly
Larry Gibson
Margaret Bristow                                                                                                                 Willis Evans                                                                                                                     Melinda  Steele                                                                                                                   Rivers Taylor